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PAC International – RC-1 Boost Installation How To

A little bit about us. PAC International has a long history in the construction industry.  PAC (Professional Acoustics Company) was started in July of 1976. We have over 45 years of experience installing, supplying, shipping, and manufacturing a wide variety of products for the construction industry. This experience guides us during the development of PAC products and assemblies. We do our best to keep the end user in mind and we apply that to product development with a focus on “ease of installation”.  We always ask ourselves, “Is there a better way or a better tool for this system?”

When installing the PAC RC-1 Boost, the screw’s compression on the isolator is a key feature to promote the best performance. Unlike the RSIC-1, the RC-1 Boost Isolator does not have a depth guide built-in, so PAC developed an installation tool to set the depth of the screw. This provides consistent compression of the isolator.  The install tool attaches to the end of a typical screw gun and has been designed to fit drywall screw guns from all major manufacturers.

To adjust the screw depth for proper isolator compression, use the standard adjustable collar on the drywall screw gun. Start with the bit extending ¼” past the collar and adjust in or out as needed to achieve the correct isolator compression. The desired compression of the rubber isolator is minimal. The head of the screw should apply pressure to the isolator but not deform it.