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Expirience and expertise

PAC International, LLC has roots in acoustical noise control pre-dating the origin of PAC International, LLC parent company Professional Acoustics Company in 1982. The Principles of Professional Acoustics Company was employed in the acoustical & noise control business dating to the 1960’s. Professional Acoustics Company and later PAC International, LLC developed the first high performance rubber sound isolation clip (RSIC-1) which could pass a UL Fire Testing and Follow-up Quality Control standards.


PAC International, LLC has more UL Fire Resistive Design Assemblies than any other competitor. PAC invests heavily in Noise Control Testing in both floor-ceiling (STC & IIC) and wall assemblies (STC). Consistently pushing the noise control limits in cost effective solutions for floor-ceilings and walls.  PAC International, LLC has invented and been issued patents on many create and innovative noise control solutions. Such as the Resilient Channel Booster which simply make All Resilient Channels perform better acoustically on both walls and floor-ceilings. PAC has a new Ultra Compact Spring Isolator with ceiling height loose as little as 3-1/4” while providing excellent low frequency noise control that rubber simply can not achieve. Systems and Assemblies such as the wall system for Ultra High STC walls used in cinema or performing art theaters with STC 86 and STC 82 while reaching structural height up to 66 foot – 6 inch tall.  



PAC International, LLC leads the way in innovative noise control solution. PAC uses Independent Third Party Testing Laboratories that are accredited and certificated to preform the required ASTM and other testing needed without outside interference or influence. PAC is committed to Quality and Performance first. PAC uses a 500% safety margin in the product engineering and design standards exceeding most every competitor’s safety limits. Every product is redundantly tested to failure to provide the load limitations and failure analysis to improve the product in PAC’s constant improvement business model. PACs high performance standard provide greater assurances to our clients, and our communities.  


PAC International, LLC has more UL Fire Resistive Design Assemblies than any other competitor. PAC has never failed a fire test at UL, few companies in the world can make that statement. PAC products are UL Classified for use in UL Fire Resistive Design Assemblies numbering in the hundreds. Yes, Hundreds.


PAC International, LLC uses Underwriters Laboratory’s Follow-Up Service (Quality Control verification services), in addition to PAC’s internal continues Quality Control program, to ensure consistency and uniformity in our industry leading product lines.