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*Patent Pending*

Now Classified for use in all walls with RC channel.

US Patent 9,388,572

The PAC-RCB is designed to support cabinets, shelves, headboards, televisions, speakers, nightstands, closet organizers, grab bars/handrails, and almost any other item that is mounted to a wall. The PAC-RCB sound isolation brackets can be used on any wood or steel application where resilient channel is installed.

A typical wall with RC channel cannot support cabinets and other heavy items. The heavy items must be mounted directly to a wood backer or the studs themselves. This short circuits the isolation provided by the resilient channel and reduces the acoustical performance, potentially far enough that it no longer meets the building code minimums. Adding the PAC-RCB provides a strong mounting point for heavy items while maintaining the original acoustical performance of the wall.

The PAC-RCB can also be used in ceilings to support items like soffits and light fixtures.