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RSIC-1 ®

The RSIC-1® Sound Isolation Clip is designed for use with any wood framed, steel framed, CMU, or concrete wall and ceiling system where noise control is needed. The RSIC-1® clip assembly decouples and isolates the gypsum board or plywood from the structure increasing the acoustical performance of the system. With an Acoustical design load rating of 36 lbs per isolator, the RSIC-1® resilient sound clip can support up to two layers of 5/8″ gypsum board when spaced at 24″ x 48″ oc. For heavier systems increase the number of isolators to support the additional weight of the system. The RSIC-1® sound isolation clip fastens directly to the framing or structure creating a 1-5/8″ cavity between the face of the framing and the back of the gypsum board. The RSIC-1® drywall isolation clips stop the noise and vibrations that typically would be allowed to transfer through the structure. The RSIC-1® systems have several UL fire resistive design assemblies from ranging one hour to four hours. The UL assemblies can be viewed on our site at, and on