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RSIC Low-Profile Wall Systems

This post will reflect on low-profile wall systems where the RSIC-DC04 can be used in sleek and functional designs. The RSIC-DC04 is one of the most versatile clips we have to offer because it can be used almost anywhere you would use an L-bracket. Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll look at many different uses for the RSIC-DC04. Today, let’s look at low-profile and radiused wall systems using the universal RSIC-DC04 clip.

One application is to install the RSIC-DC04 to a wood or steel stud, placed in between the existing framing. This is similar to a staggered stud design but extended roughly ½” out to create a fully isolated new frame.

This isolated framing is great for walls where you have additional items to hang from the wall structure like a TV, cabinets, speakers, artwork, or shelving.

Low-ProfilE walls with hat channel

Another low-profile option for the RSIC-DC04 is to side mount the RSIC-DC04 on the existing framing to support a piece of vertical hat channel. This is best suited for walls where you don’t have any additional items to mount. This application can also be used to create radiused walls or soffits.

For more details about the RSIC-DC04, please go to the PAC website.
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Stay tuned for more unique uses for the RSIC-DC04. If you have any interesting applications you’ve found for the RSIC-DC04 and other PAC products, we’d love to hear about them!