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Introducing vibration isolation for the building industry

For projects where you need vibration isolation solutions for whole buildings, rail, MEP equipment, sensitive instruments, and more, PAC now offers a full line of Kraiburg Purasys products.

Whole building isolation provides reliable vibration protection for the building from external interference sources and their vibrations (also footfall sound isolation). This allows for an increase in building market value, improving quality of life and work, and future-proof solutions for the expected increasing demands on comfort.

With our rail isolation, units or components can run more quietly, produce less wear, and at the same time, can become more long-lasting and resistant to chemicals and oils. PURASYS vibrafoam can be helpful as a high-quality seal or as a structural component tolerance compensator with extremely high resilience.

Our products provide more elasticity in railway infrastructure. This results in a longer lifespan for the railway routes, reduced maintenance costs, less wear, higher track position stability, and more comfort for passengers and residents.