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RSIC-Flat Screen Mount

The RSIC-Flat Screen Isolation system decouples the TV from the wall and from vibrations. The New flat TV’s create roughly the same amount of noise out the back of the television as the front resulting in unhappy neighbors. Even though the speakers are small and seem too weak to cause any trouble, the proximity to the wall gives the small speakers much more power then most walls can acoustically stop. The RSIC-FS system decouples and reflects the noise back into the intended room reducing the noise in the adjacent space.

Assembly Description:
* Framed Wall
* Gypsum Board
* RSIC-1 retro Clips fastened through Gypsum board into framing members
* 25 Ga x 7/8″ drywall furring channel snapped into RSIC-1 Retro clips
* RSIC-High Security Clip or a double tie wire saddle tie to secure the drywall furring channel to the RSIC-1 retro clip
* Plywood 3/4″ min thickness (by others) trimmed to a min of 3″ larger than the TV to be mounted, and fastened to the 7/8″ drywall furring channel.
* Flat screen TV mount (by others) fastened to RSIC mounted plywood deflector. Follow installation instructions provided by the Flat Panel TV Mount manufacturer.