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Floating floors are a go-to solution when high levels of airborne and impact sound isolation are needed. The PAC-IFB1 and PAC-IFB2 are discrete isolators for floating floors that are designed to provide high performance in a low-profile form factor. Available in a variety of load ranges with detailed product performance data for all, the PAC-IFB has the data engineers need to create solutions that work. The PAC-IFB is made from the same elastomeric material that’s been used for years in Europe for whole-building sound isolation floor systems, so you know it’s a reliable long-term solution. Last of all, due to its unique material properties the PAC-IFB1 and PAC-IFB2 can provide low natural frequencies (down to ~7.5 Hz) with minimal deflection (~¼” for the 2″ thick PAC-IFB2).


-Cinemas & Clubs

-Bowling Alleys

-Concert Halls

-Fitness Facilities


-Spin/Cycle Rooms




-Dance Studios

-Music Performance Spaces

-Recording Studios


-Detailed load vs. natural frequency data

-Low-profile systems with high performance

-Natural frequency down to 7.5 Hz

-Low creep

Floating Floor Assembly Examples