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RC-1 Boost Reduced cost – Consistent performance

The RC-1 Boost systems allow the architects, designers, and even the contractors more freedom when building RC-1 ceiling and wall systems. 

Full Test reports are being uploaded to the website now for your review. 

They are no longer stuck with one version of one brand.
There are 8 variations from 5 different manufacturers.

RC-1 Boost with RC-1 channel tested at an IIC 57 with one layer of gypsum board. RC-Deluxe needed two layers of gypsum board to get an IIC 57.

  • Cemco RC-1 IIC 57
  • Clark Dietrich RC-1 Pro IIC 57
  • Marino\WARE RC-1 IIC 57
  • Marino\WARE RC MAX IIC 56
  • Phillips RC-1 Tru-25 IIC 57
  • Phillips RC-XL IIC 57
  • Scafco Serenity RC-Plus IIC 57
  • Clark Dietrich RC-Deluxe IIC 60

Gain Leed points with increased acoustical performance and reduction of materials.

Over 80 UL Fire resistive designs and dozens of acoustical tests.
The Made in USA RC-1 Boost is becoming a leader in Low cost High performing acoustical systems.